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Custom Hog Processing

Turn your hog into a combination of our fine

Specialty Products!

Prices are per-pound unless otherwise specified...


Slaughtering - per hog $30.00
Processing $0.48
Processing 1/2 hog $0.50
Curing Meat $0.50
Cure Bacon slice & vac pack $1.00
Grinding Meat $0.25
Side Pork Sliced $0.40
Seasoning $0.25
 Tenderized  $2 per 1/2    
Patties 1/4 or 1/3# $0.40
Slicing/Shaving $0.30
Rolled Roasts $0.50 each
Lard Rendering - 65% shrinkage $1.29
Home Butcher Curing Ham                         Wrap and Freeze $0.95
Home Butcher Bacon -                                Cure, Slice and Vacuum Pack $1.25


Specialty Product Processing price per pound
Fresh Bratwurst $1.00
Fresh Links $1.00
Sticks $1.95
Jerky $1.95
Smoked Links $1.25

Processing Instructions...

Don't worry about selecting the right cuts... it's easy!

Here's what we need to know when you bring your hog in for processing...


  • Pork Loin Options:

Do you want your loin cut into pork chops? Thickness? 3/4 inch is common, also 1 inch and the 1 1/4 (Iowa Chop) are popular. How many chops per package? (2 - 6 per pkg.)

  • Boneless Loin chops? (specify thickness to 1 inch and # per pkg. - 2 to 6)

  • Boneless Loin Roasts? (specify roast size 2 lb. to 4 lb. or leave whole)

  • Cured Pork Loin - Boneless or Bone in? Cut into chops or roasts? Boneless can be thin sliced and vacuum packaged 1 lb. per pkg.

    Cured and Smoked Loins are delicious and easy to fix. Ask us about those options.


  • Hams: Do you want your hams Fresh or Cured? (People love our Cured Ham... it's delicious!)

    • Do you want the ham cut into Roasts or Center cut Steaks with Roasts on both ends?

  • If Fresh Ham, center steaks can be tenderized into pork tenderettes.

  • How big do you want your roasts? (2.5 to 5 lbs.)

  • Boneless Smoked Ham Options: Left whole, Sliced and 1 lb. vacuum packaged, or cut into any size Roast.

  • Shoulder:

    • Do you want the shoulder cut into roast (2 to 4 lb.), steaks or some of both?


  • Bellies:

  • Do you want your bellies turned into Cured Bacon or sliced fresh as Side Pork?


  • Cured and Smoked? (Our Cured Bacon is the BEST!)      - Sliced and vacuum packaged in 1 lb. pkgs.-


  • Ground Trim Options:

    • Ground Pork - ground trim with no seasoning added - 1 or 1 1/2 lb/pkg.

    • Seasoned Sausage Italian or Breakfast seasoning? - 1 or 1 1/2 lb/pkg.

    • Patties Options: 1/4lb. (2 stacks of 4 per pkg.) or 1/3 lb. (2 stacks of 3 per pkg.)

    • BBQ Seasoned Patties - excellent seasoning for the grill blended in (only in 1/3 lb.)

    • Bratwurst Seasoned Patties (only in 1/3 lb.)

    • Any of our Specialty Products (see list at the top of the page)


  • There is a 15-20 lb. minimum order for specialty products.



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