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Skoglund's Cured Meat Products

Mike’s Wieners Our famous old-fashioned wiener is corncob smoked. All meat in a natural casing.


Beef Sticks Pepperoni flavored. Kids love them.  Also available with cheese. Wonderful on meat & cheese platters.


Tangy Beef SticksGreat flavor with a bit of Summer Sausage tang.


B.B.Q  Snack Sticks. Just a touch of sweetness with a tangy smoky flavor.

Beef JerkyA healthy snack anytime, available in whole muscle or ground and formed.


Summer SausagePerfect for  meat & cheese platters. Also available with cheddar cheese.


Cured Smoked Beef (Dried Beef) Grand Champion Dried Beef at the 2006 Iowa State Fair

Great for wrapped pickles chipped beef gravy, and Rueben sandwiches.

Smoked BratwurstFry, broil, grill, or microwave to warm this fully cooked product. A favorite paired with sauerkraut.    


West Bend BolognaThis corncob smoked old-fashioned bologna is all meat in a natural casing.

WienersOur own recipe, hickory smoked - an all meat product in a natural casing.

BolognaOur own recipe - mildly spiced and hickory smoked.


Cheddar BratwurstOur smoked bratwurst with mild cheddar cheese added. A favorite of our employees.


Fresh BratwurstEveryone’s favorite brat for grilling.  Top it off with some sauerkraut for a great main dish.


Polish SausageGrill, bake, boil or fry to warm this fully cooked product.

Smoked Spare Ribs Fully cooked pork ribs can be warmed in the microwave, oven or on the grill. 

Dip in your favorite sauce.


Bockwurst A German bratwurst. Recommended preparation : sauté in butter and cream, fry until golden or grill them.


BBQ PorkShredded pork in our favorite sauce is ready to eat. 

Take it straight from the freezer to the microwave; Makes a fast and delicious hot sandwich.











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